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Incidental photographs are an important part of the wedding day as a photographer. Good details will add to the story and look great in the wedding album. Gather some of the items you want to shoot ready so you’re not getting in the way of the proceedings. Shoes, flowers and rings all make good detail. Look for funky, bold backgrounds and arrange them into pleasing still-lifes. Natural light provides the best results.

When using my macro lens, a lot of my close-up details are soft." Solution: When using a macro, try keeping to mid-range apertures such as f/6.3-f/8, to balance depth of field with reasonable shutter speeds. Focus manually too

In an ideal world you should arrive at the ceremony as early as you can. If you're lucky enough to have an assistant, get them to park the car, making sure you can get away easily. Watch for the grooms and the ushers but always minding the time for the brides arrival. I always try to set the scene with my wide lens and then go in closer for the details. This is also a good time to capture some nice wedding portraits of the guests.

Other images that help tell the story as guests arriving, orders of service, bridesmaids, flowers and children playing. There’s lots of potential things to capture before the brides arrival, however, you’ll need to have an eye open for bride’s arrival. The whole process of the bride arriving can happen very quickly.

Try to have two or three options for each part of the day. You’ll need to be aware of where you should be to capture that moment that won't happen again. I’ll usually be on my wideangle lens and down low for a good dynamic angle or half way up the path using a long lens. Be there to capture it in your own unique way.

Wedding Photography Tips Part Two

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