Sussex Wedding Photographers. The Church Exit

A good lens to use in this scenario is a wide angle. This captures more of the scene and helps to tell a better story. Catch
them kissing or gazing at each other with the crow happily look on. A low position and angle stops other people in the
background. Encourage the other guests to congratulate the bride and groom. Get a few ideangle shots, if you have two camers use
your second to go in closer and get more details. You have to be quick, like a sharp shooter in the wild west.

Get ready to use flash and follow-focus, the couple will be moving and you will need to track thier motion to get the sharpest
of shots as they walk out of the church. A fast shutter speed is ideal, so either use a flash or bump up the ISO for the
desired shutter speed.

Next comes the confetti shot. Encourage or guide the best man to arrrange this and get in the right position to capture this
fleeting moment.

Wedding Photography Tips Part Four

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